Specializing in air conveyance systems and cotton bale handling

Excel Was Founded in 1974 by Johnny F. Heathcoat. We continue running our family owned operation with Randy Heathcoat, Samuel (Sammy) Heathcoat, and Bethel (Becky) Ronesburg.

We are well respected in the industry with customers all over the US.

Excel Pneumatics, Inc. produces its own line of Chip and Grain Feeders (XL Style). The business operations are mainly Positive Displacement Blower re-manufacturing, Feeder Manufacturing and Re-manufacturing.

Our facility re-manufactures all major brands of pneumatic blowers, positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps. Sutorbilt, Roots, Tuthill, Dura Flow, Gardner Denver, with most major brands of Grain and Chip Feeders like PSI, Western Pneumatics, Rader, Kice and Clark.

Process: Tear Down, Inspect, Mic all Internal Parts, detail repair quote, clean all parts internal and external, machining capabilities for feeders and blowers of larger sizes (16” to 22”) balance rotors, and more. Our facility can do most all labor-intensive work for manufacturing, fabricating, welding, to manufacturing complete systems, which include Frames, Motor Mounts, T-injectors, Reducers, etc.

Excel has an exchange program to better serve our customers. We understand the cost of downtime and the urgency to keep your facility running. With this program you can get a blower or feeder shipped to you in less time and installed before the one you sent in for inspection has even been torn down. Depending on the inspection results of your blower or feeder you can get a discount for the selling price of the purchased blower or feeder that saved you downtime and money. You will also get a detailed report for the inspection.

We also do hydraulic cylinder repairs, cotton bailing and handling, manufacture shafts, pins, plates, and Sandblasting.

We carry a variety of Parts…Head-plates, Housings, gears, bearing cartridges, impellers, shafts, gear covers, and end plates.

Contact us if you need more information, all contact information is listed on our contact page.

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